Our Mission


This is just the beginning!  Join Dreamyoung.org to make an impact and help bring about transformation to the lives of people with special needs.


Mission Statement

Raising awareness for people with special needs.


About Us

The specific purpose for which Dream Young Arts & Media is organized is to help mentally challenged adults to integrate into the community through educational training programs that are designed to help them continue their social development through various forms of creative media and arts.


The activities of the organization are:

  1. Educational training program;
  2. Fundraising activities;
  3. Administrative activities;
  4. Public relations.


Dream Young Arts & Media will help our program participants learn to safely interact with their communities through music, social networking programs, and basic educational skills, i.e., telling the time, counting funds, budgeting, filmmaking, etc.


The program consists of a variety of activities from basic to advanced life skills training. The organization aims to provide a place where individuals with disabilities feel free to socialize, develop their talents, and learn social skills to help them live independently in society.

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